Glen Oaks Cooperative is managed by MeadowManagement (MMI), an accredited management organization (AMOR) that has served community associations in Michigan since 1971 - and Glen Oaks since 1991. The goals of professional management are to maintain affordability for member-residents while preserving and enhancing service and the values of memberships. On-site maintenance and member assistance is emphasized to ensure same-day response to problems, questions and payment concerns. The on-site maintenance contract is with Servant 2 U, Mr. Ricco Wadley, owner. In event of delays in response or to appeal an action of on-site assistants engaged by MMI for Glen Oaks, residents are invited to contact the management company directly 248-348-5400 or by e-mailing [email protected]. After hours emergency maintenance can be reached through the number on the answering machine at 734-481-0277 - with the telephone in Novi as back-up.


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